Estate planning myths: persistent and far from true

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2020 | Wills |

Experienced and empathetic attorneys recurrently discuss the essentials surrounding estate planning with individuals and families at the would-be stage of crafting personal strategies.

And they frequently work around this hurdle, as noted in a recent Forbes article: Many people seeking their advice believe that, while planning is an obvious necessity for other people, that is not similarly true for them.

One planner (and author of the above-cited piece) duly notes a central obstacle that many planning professionals must deal with en route to getting valued clients locked in with tailored plans that make optimal sense for their families.

That is this: the widespread misassumption that estate planning is a niche undertaking that cannot be seamlessly considered with other key components in life. The Forbes writer states, for example, that many people don’t perceive that estate planning “is an integral part of a comprehensive financial plan, not something that sits outside of it.”

In fact, sound planning touches on virtually every important element of life, especially for an individual with loved ones to think about. It is not the size of an estate that dictates the need for planning; it is the existence of one, regardless of its dimensions.

Many people who come to appreciate that any accumulated estate – comprising savings vehicles, real property, varied personal assets and/or other property – merits safeguards and a protective forward-thinking strategy don’t necessarily think beyond that point. That is, they don’t always appreciate that a tailored plan can also address topics ranging from child guardian designations and health care concerns to charitable giving, family legacy and many additional matters.

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