What if you can’t find your mom’s will after she dies?

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2021 | Probate And Estate Administration |

When a parent dies it can be an emotional and difficult time. Besides dealing with the final arrangements for a loved one, a person will also have to settle their estate. Many times, a parent has taken the time to create their will that dictates how they want their assets distributed. But if a family member can’t find that will there are steps that they should take.

  • Check around their house. There are many different places a person may store their will. They can include filing cabinets, in unmarked boxes, under beds, in desk drawers, or in the back of a closet. It could also be kept in a safe in the house.
  • Contact their bank. An executor may want to contact the deceased person’s bank to see if they have a safe deposit box.
  • Look for attorney’s name. While checking the house, an executor should pay attention for any business cards or other contact information for the attorney that was used for creating the will.
  • Contact the financial advisor. If the executor cannot find any attorney information, they may want to contact any other advisors the deceased used. These may include a financial planner, CPA, etc.
  • Talk to friends of the deceased. The deceased may have shared information with their friends as to who their attorney was or where they kept the will.
  • Check with the county’s probate court. The will may have been filed with the probate court.

A legal professional who is skilled in estate administration can help their client with settling their parent’s estate, creating an estate plan, and everything in between. They have experience in understanding their client’s needs and helping them with any issues they have encountered.