What to do after a loved one passes away

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The loss of a loved one is an overwhelming experience. When a resident of Bucks County passes away, their relatives may struggle to handle the many responsibilities they must undertake to settle the decedent’s affairs. Even when an individual has made an estate plan, many questions can arise regarding how to manage and distribute their assets and wealth.

There is a lot of important information that the relatives of a decedent should know about when they must manage the affairs of the person after their death. This post will generally discuss some of that information, but no part of this post should be read as legal advice or guidance. One of the best steps that a family can take after the loss of a loved one is to work with a local estate planning and administration attorney to help settle their deceased loved one’s affairs.

Immediately after a death

Even when a family knows that a death is coming it can be hard to think about what will happen after a loved one dies. If an individual has made plans for how they want their funeral services arranged, their family should identify who has the authority to make such arrangements or if information about such arrangements is found in a testamentary document.

Locating estate planning documents is also an important step to take after the death of a loved one. Wills, trust documents, another executed testamentary tools can provide a wealth of information on the plans and intentions of the decedent. Once such documents are located, the administrator of an estate can begin their work.

Administering an estate

Administering an estate requires an attention to detail and an ability to organize information. After a death, the assets and liabilities of the decedent must be identified and valued. The property of the decedent must be located, and the will of the decedent must be read. If an individual dies without a will, Pennsylvania’s intestacy laws may be necessary to implement to ensure the rightful transfer of property to relatives.

Managing the financial and legal issues of a decedent’s estate can be cumbersome for a family that is actively grieving their loss. In such situations, families can choose to seek the help and advice of estate planning and administration lawyers in Bucks County. Professionals who work in this field of law are understanding and aware of the many emotional and legal issues that can impact families in the wake of tragic losses.