What qualities should you look for in an executor?

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2022 | Probate And Estate Administration |

As you get further into the process of estate planning, you may begin to have questions about what kind of person you want to be an executor for your will.

Since this person is responsible for fulfilling your final wishes and completing legal processes, you should choose wisely. Knowing the best traits this person can have to fulfill the requirements is important.

Knowledgeable about money

According to Kiplinger, an executor should be in good standing with his or her bank and have a good credit history. You probably do not want to choose anyone who declared bankruptcy in the years before.

Although the executor does not need to know everything about estate planning, being willing to learn and communicate with the courts is important.

Friendly with your family

When it comes to inheritances and beneficiaries, your family typically is the most involved. Picking an executor who gets along with and can handle disagreements in your family can help the process go smoothly.

Since some family members or other beneficiaries may have complaints or questions about how probate works, the executor should be someone who can answer with ease and respect. This can help prevent further arguments or drama.

Responsible and mature

Having an even temperament and being able to deal with legal estate matters without forgetting important tax documents is another big part of the executor’s job. This person needs to have maturity and the ability to complete payments that you cannot make.

An executor also needs to contact the courts or other legal entities when needed. In order to choose the best person for this task, take into consideration how responsible and good at communicating they are.