What can you expect to feel when contesting a will?

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2022 | Probate And Estate Administration, Wills |

Few family disagreements have the potential to become more bitter than those that involve estate plans. After all, the stakes are often incredibly high for family members, with some perhaps even standing to lose out on their inheritance completely.

If you do not believe your parent’s will reflects his or her genuine intentions, you may have little choice but to contest it. That is, you may have to ask a court to determine the validity of the will. Before doing so, though, you should understand the emotions you are likely to experience.

Anger and frustration

If your family members are unwilling to work together to solve the dispute or have done something illegal or unethical, you may experience anger and frustration. According to Psychology Today, it is important not to internalize these emotions, as they may impair your decision-making capabilities. In serious cases, working with a counselor or therapist may help you keep your anger and frustration under control.

Sadness and depression

Your parent undoubtedly worked hard for the wealth he or she accumulated during life. Now that your mother or father has died, you may worry about protecting his or her legacy. Seeing others potentially destroy that legacy may bring you profound sadness. This sadness can easily turn to depression, as contesting a will may be a long and arduous process.

Even though you are likely to experience some challenging emotions, you should try to maintain focus. Ultimately, if you have valid reasons to contest your parent’s will, trusting the process may help you combat any collateral damage to your mental health.