What should you look for in long-term care facilities?

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2023 | Probate And Estate Administration |

Looking for a long-term care facility is an important part of estate planning for many people.

But the options and choices may feel endless, and a person may not have any idea where to start looking.

Does the facility suit your needs?

The National Institute on Aging discusses long-term care options. Different options exist to cater to people’s differing needs. Note that even if a facility has stellar reviews and an amazing staff, they may not suit the needs of a specific person, and thus would not make a good choice for them.

In other cases, the facility itself may not pass muster. The facility may seem old and in need of repairs, or there could be issues with the staffing. The building may seem understaffed, or there could be rumors of negligence or mistreatment among residents and families.

Have in-person meetings

The only way to tell is by going to these facilities in person and taking tours. Try speaking to both the director of the facility and the nursing director as well. This allows for an in-depth look at how these people run their facility, answer questions and interact with people.

Getting a “gut feeling” about a place or a staff member can easily indicate that this place is not the right one. Again, the only way this happens is through in-person interviews and tours. Do not go by review alone, and do not leave things up to phone interviews either.

By taking these steps, many people will find the decision a much easier one to make.