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Estate planning starts and stalls: What drives procrastination?

T. Eric Reich unquestionably commands some chops when it comes to offering knowledge and advice concerning personal finances and linked planning. Reich owns an asset management company and writes weekly on financial matters via the online Reich Report.

Here is a point he centrally makes in his most recent column: Legions of individuals and families don’t timely engage in the fundamentally important task of estate planning.

Is an executor perhaps not handling a loved one's estate in good faith?

Estate planners across Pennsylvania obviously want to make everything seamless and optimal in the documents they prepare. Much is at stake concerning matters that can range widely from asset preservation, inheritances and lawful tax avoidance to guardianships, charitable giving and a host of other considerations.

Estate planning myths: persistent and far from true

Experienced and empathetic attorneys recurrently discuss the essentials surrounding estate planning with individuals and families at the would-be stage of crafting personal strategies.

And they frequently work around this hurdle, as noted in a recent Forbes article: Many people seeking their advice believe that, while planning is an obvious necessity for other people, that is not similarly true for them.

Preparing your business for success well into the future

The hard work of an owner that is inherent in running a company is mostly apparent at the entrepreneurial and inception stage, right? That is when business acumen merges with sweat equity to forge and guide a commercial creation and steer it to ongoing success.

That is certainly a widely held notion among many would-be start-up principals, who believe that their key objective must logically be on enterprise establishment and subsequent profitability.

Executor duties: sometimes more complex, challenging than envisioned

Perhaps you've just been asked by a family member or close friend to be the executor of that individual's estate. Many people feel flattered by such a request and quickly agree to assume the responsibilities.

How-to estate planning during notably uncertain times

“There may be some things out of your control right now, but your estate plan isn’t one of them.”

That is a sentiment candidly conveyed in a recent Kiplinger article, and one we solidly agree with at the established Southampton estate planning law firm of William J. Benz.

Timely family involvement in estate planning

If you’re a would-be Pennsylvania estate planner who has thus far procrastinated on crafting a tailored and well-executed strategy, the reason for your successive starts and stalls might well reside with your family.

It’s a complex unit, right? Most families are.

Trusts: a favored estate planning tool for many reasons

Trusts in the estate planning realm run the gamut from simple to complex. They can promote beneficiaries’ interests in a narrowly focused way or across broad terrain. They might reasonably seem to lack pronounced utility for some planners, yet be tools of great significance for many estates.


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