What To Do If An Executor Is Not Doing Their Job

Being the executor of a will or estate is not easy. It is a time-consuming, thankless responsibility. Depending on the complexity of the estate, being an executor can take months and entail a long list of tasks.

It should come as no surprise then that problems can arise.

If you suspect there is a problem with the management of your loved one’s estate (whether it is due to negligence, incompetence or theft), it is important to seek legal counsel from a skilled, experienced attorney. Do this as soon as possible.

At William J. Benz, Attorney at Law in Southampton, Pennsylvania, I have decades of experience in the administration of probate and estates in Bucks County and beyond. I know what legal steps to take if an executor is misappropriating funds or mishandling assets.

Signs That There Is A Problem With An Executor

Below are indicators that the executor might be acting improperly:

  • Treating the deceased’s bank account as if it was his or her own
  • Refusing to set up a bank account for the estate
  • Not returning messages or answering questions
  • Giving nonspecific, evasive answers to your questions
  • No progress is being made in getting the work done
  • Selling of assets to friends or relatives at vastly undervalued prices
  • Using the deceased’s property (for example, living in the deceased’s house)

If you observe any of these signs and are worried about what is happening, contact William J. Benz. I take pride in being able to right the wrongs of dishonest or overwhelmed executors.

How To Contact Me

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