Understanding The Benefits Of Creating A Trust

Trusts are flexible, powerful estate planning tools that have many benefits. However, trusts must be handled with care, because not every type of trust is appropriate for every person’s estate.

Setting up a trust is an important decision. Although many people think they are used only by the wealthy, individuals and families with any size estates can use them to meet their specific estate planning goals.

At William J. Benz, Attorney at Law, I can create a trust to serve a variety of purposes: supporting your favorite charity, sending your grandchildren to college or taking care of a loved one who has special needs.

Trusts And The Avoidance Of Probate

Many clients come to me asking about setting up a living trust in order to avoid probate. Just as the name implies, a living trust allows the grantor to fund it with assets and earnings and establish the terms of distributing the assets to beneficiaries.

Living trusts can be set up as revocable or irrevocable. In the case of irrevocable living trusts, the money placed into trust is untaxed until it is distributed to beneficiaries, making it a tax haven. Alternatively, revocable trusts allow the person who creates one to modify the trust later on.

My Experience Is Your Benefit

I believe there are multiple reasons why your friends and family recommend William J. Benz, Attorney at Law:

  • I am sincerely interested in your story and your goals.
  • You will not have to wait for your will and other documents. I pride myself on getting the work done in days – not weeks or months.
  • You will know where your will is stored. At William J. Benz, Attorney at Law, we provide fireproof safes for our clients. Your documents are protected, and your loved ones know where your will and other documents can be found.
  • We do not charge you for copies, notary fees or postage. Everything is built into the fee.

The bottom line is I enjoy providing a service that is meaningful for my clients and their families. It is a joy to help people carry out their legacies.

How To Contact Me

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