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Wills: A Necessity For A Well-Planned Estate

A last will and testament is a fundamental building block for effective estate planning. A properly drafted will leaves no doubt about your wishes.

Wills can be as simple or as complicated as you want. In most cases involving a long-term marriage, the spouses leave all earthly assets to their surviving spouse.

In cases involving adult children and grandchildren, the will may include distributing an heirloom or piece of cherished property to a specific heir or dividing assets to meet a specific need or purpose.

What If You Die Without A Will?

If you pass away without a will, your estate likely will go into probate. When that happens, a court decides how your estate will be distributed, and the court’s rulings may or may not reflect your wishes.

Failure to have a will also can lead to time-consuming, costly disputes between family members as an attorney who administers estates and probate, I frequently see what happens to a family when their loved one did not leave a will.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Law Firms?

I believe there are multiple reasons why your friends and family recommend William J. Benz, Attorney at Law:

  • I am sincerely interested in your story and your goals.
  • You will not have to wait for your will and other documents. I pride myself on getting the work done in days — not weeks or months.
  • You will know where your will is stored. At William J. Benz, Attorney at Law, we provide fireproof safes for our clients. Your documents are protected and your loved ones know where your will and other documents can be found.
  • We do not charge you for copies, notary fees or postage. Everything is built into the fee.

The bottom line is I enjoy providing a service that is meaningful for my clients and their families. It is a joy to help people carry out their legacies.

How To Contact Me

To make our first meeting as productive as possible, complete my online will questionnaire and bring it with you to our first meeting.

To schedule an appointment, call me at 215-436-9910 or contact me online.