Do You Need Help With Probate And Estate Administration?

Have you been named the executor of an estate? Are you an adult child of a deceased person and have questions about probate? I am attorney William J. Benz of Southampton, Pennsylvania, and I can help.

I have more than three decades of experience as a probate and estates lawyer. I have served clients in Buck County since 1990, and I have earned a reputation for my skill and knowledge in the area of probate and estate administration.

Simple Probate Can Become Complicated

Even when a loved one dies with an updated last will and testament, there can be complicated financial and tax issues. Family members turn to William J. Benz, Attorney at Law for help with:

I administer every component of the decedent’s estate. This includes working with creditors and distributing assets in a timely manner to heirs and beneficiaries.

Do You Have Concerns About The Current Executor?

Whether it is due to negligence, incompetence or greed, problems can arise with how an executor is carrying out his or her responsibilities. If you suspect there is a problem with your loved one’s estate, I have decades of experience in handling sensitive legal matters.

How To Contact Me

To make our first meeting as productive as possible, complete my will planning questionnaire and bring it with you to our first meeting.

To schedule an appointment with William J. Benz, Attorney at Law in Southampton, Pennsylvania, call me at 215-436-9910 or contact me online.