Recipe for estate planning success: prepare, review and update

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2020 | Wills |

Commentators on estate planning often note that a wide swath of the general public feels a bit challenged – and even intimidated – by the subject matter and linked process.

Many people think planning is only for notably wealthy individuals and families. Some would-be planners perpetually put off strategy implementation to a future date. Others still think that estate planning simply has too many component parts and is akin to rocket science.

The reasons for a “maybe someday” approach to estate planning are often based on initial reactions and not objective analysis of what a sound and tailored plan can offer and achieve.

And that “this is like a root canal” assessment is routinely far off the mark. We duly note at the established Pennsylvania estate planning law firm of William J. Benz that planning “actually can be a pleasant, satisfying experience.”

One financial planner penning an estate planning article for an online publication underscores that planning ease and satisfaction, while not an absolute given, is typically increased for individuals who timely consult with proven legal counsel.  

Writer Buz Livingston stresses especially that, “if you have a business, multiple properties or a blended family, you have to use an attorney.”

Securing timely, on-point and accurate estate planning legal advicecan go far toward ensuring peace of mind and assurance that all key planning areas have been identified and addressed.

That important bottom line can be best ensured for planners who are proactive and not rushed in their approach.

“Take your time,” says Livingston, “and pay attention when your lawyer is talking.”